Phantom dines at F. Tambellini Ristorante

Our Buddy Franc D Ambrosio is back in town doing What’s Love Got To Do with It? the Andrew Lloyd Webber music including His lead role as the Best Ever Phantom of The Opera. Stop in and see my photo with him and you may even catch him and Brian Boitano dining here before the show. Please call me at 412-391-1091 to reserve a place here for you and your friends before the show. We have some new menu items like Shrimp and Chicken Scampi and Surf and Turf Appetizer for the Summer and even 2 new Gluten- free items for your dining pleasure. It will surely Be a nice night out in the “Burgh”.

Thank you, Janet and Charlie

This week is a fabulous pasta with shrimp special which you will love before going to The Marvelous Wonderettes, now playing at the Cabaret Theater across the street from me. My Mother Theresa and Dad, Frank saw the show recently and they really loved the old time songs and the great talent of the girls. There were classics like All I have to do is Dream, It’s in his kiss , It’s my party, Leader of the Pack and Sincerely. Mr Sandman and Wedding Bell Blues were extra special too. This show is here for a while so do make arrangements to go with your sweetheart or friend. We’ll see you when you come downtown. Call 412-391-1091 to have us set the table just for you. May I suggest The alfredo blue moon which is really good too, especially now that we have access to the Colossal Crab Meat! Call 412-391-1091

I do have a video clip on Youtube from the Baptistry building in Pisa just across from the Leaning Tower. This Copula is for the baptism of the faithful residents of Pisa and has a beautiful echo of sound because of the circular shape. There is a short demonstration given periodically throughout the day for those visiting to appreciate the architectural accomplishment for sound. To see our video and 1 other film of this phenomenon go to and type in Pisa Baptistry. You will see Charlie and my mother, Theresa at the top of the Copula as the ticket punch girl sings a series of tones which echo and blend to amaze us all! This is really neat. Thanks, Janet


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