Jesus Christ Superstar Rock’s Tambellini’s Downtown!

The Stars of Jesus Christ Superstar are shining here in Downtown Pittsburgh. We have seen the CLO ministars here enjoying their favorite chicken parmesan and the Campayno Family were in last night as their son Michael is now an Apostle. Go Michael!. (He was a Nazi last month in Sound of Music, so this is a Huge change…and a lot more singing.) I have also noticed that my dear friend Joe Bishkoff is happily playing his Cello in the Orchestra which truely SOUNDS GREAT! My favorites are Robert Cuccioli who plays Pontius Pilate and Caiaphas who is wonderfully played by James Zanelli and of course the beautiful dynamics of Stephanie Umoh as Mary Magdalene. Jesus and Judas are great too! (Doug Kreeger and Josh Tower) Look out for Will Blum as Herod to really liven up the SHow! Call me at 412-391-1091 for your reservations for dinner before the show! Thanks, Janet Pellegrini


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