Wicked is coming to town all September which is going to keep me real busy. Please Call me at 412-391-1091 so that I can set aside a special place for you and your guests. I look forward to serving you.

WINE Dinner will therefore take place on Saturday October 8th! I want to give you advance notice so that you can save a place for you and your friends. If you have not been to one of our Wine Dinners, let me assure you that it is a beautiful night out here Downtown where we have the opportunity to Really Shine. We plan a menu just for you at this event where the wines and the entrees compliment eachother for a dynamic dining experience in our intimate banquet room dressed in Gold in Honor of our Italian Gold Medals Call me at 412-391-1091 to reserve your table.

My friend Carla at Duquesne University wants me to pass along to you that a Symposium has just been approved for Monday October 17th from 1pm to 9pm at the University. There will be professional speakers from both the United States and Italy there free to the public, I believe. More details to follow as they are planned. Save the date! See you soon

Thanks, Janet Pellegrini

We are accepting reservations before the show. 6pm or earlier is best for casual pre-theater dining at F. Tambellini Ristorante.


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