Cut the Rope knocks Angry Birds off its perch

When fraternal twins Efim and Semyon Voinov were 10, their parents bought them a Spectrum computer. They learned gaming right away, and soon graduated to designing their own games.
Recently, their game Cut the Rope exploded in popularity at the iPhone App Store and took the top spot. It has been downloaded 50 million times and is the first game to knock Angry Birds from its roost.
The object of the game is to get a shiny lollipop into the mouth of a little green monster named Om Nom, by slicing the swinging ropes at the right time. Semyon, the designer, made Om Nom very cute. He wanted people to have an emotional attraction to him.
Sales of the 99 cent app do pile up. The brothers (now 29 years old) won’t talk figures, but it’s estimated they have made several million dollars. They started a company of their own, ZeptoLab, moved into a real office and hired five people, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.


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