Fireworks for Matthew Morrison!

Wow!, The Pops! symphony was beautiful last night with a touching musical tribute to our late Conductor Marvin Hamlisch and the entertaining song and dance of Glee Star Matthew Morrison. Matthew even performed the Marvin written number “Kiss the day Good-bye… What I did for Love” as a beautiful tribute to Mr Hamlisch. Matthew was very energetic as he wove a story of his musical career and choices and the paths which followed leading him to the skills of voice and dance which he so eloquently captured today. There are two performances Sunday 9-30-2012 for all of our art appreciators here in this fine city of Downtown Pittsburgh. I will see you at F. Tambellini’s tonight for dinner from 4-8pm. 412-391-1091 thanks, Janet PS. Hats off to the fabulous Fireworks, Superblast last night. I stood on the 7th street bridge and enjoyed the happy faces and spectacular pyrotechnics as they reflected off of the buildings and off the water as only Downtown Pittsburgh can do. I hope you saw this too Matthew Morrison. Thank you for a great night out in the “Burgh”


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