Mary Poppins Charity Dinner with the Cast Party!

This is very exciting. I just got off the phone with the nice young fellow that arranged the Hairspray Dinner with the cast last year which some of you attended and celebrated birthdays and laughter and songs in the main dining room here at F. Tambellini’s…and they want to do it again!  For a donation to charity, the cast of Mary Poppins will raffle off an opportunity for 4 lucky theater goers to have dinner at my place, F. Tambellini’s with some of the talented members of the cast!  Mary Poppins is Downtown this week at the Benedum October 16th to Sunday the 21st and is the most spectacular production going.  The chimney sweep walks up the walls and the music and gaity is wonderful! Don’t miss it this time around. It is truely a great show! To be able to sit down at the table and share a wonderful Tambellini meal and dine with the cast is a memorable event you will carry with you for a lifetime!  See my website for more detailed information as it occurs at and call me or Sandy at 412-391-1091 for your reserved table this week!  Thanks, Janet and Charlie


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