Fiddler on the Roof

J. Alex Noble and his Fiddler on the Roof singing and dancing cast friends were in on opening night and boy were they excited about the show!Kara Mikula, Connor McRory, Trevor McQueen and Sarah Ellis were on pins and needles as they enjoyed the Spots,Scrod Tambellini and of course our Legendary Zucchini Appetizer sliced ribbon thin and served piping Hot! Fiddler is Great with all the drinking and dancing. The score is awesome & the symphony is amazing too! Come on downtown at the Benedum through July 22nd and see them for yourself, oh and they are coming back to F. Tambellini’s this week so look alive and call me, Janet, at 412-391-1091 for your reservations to a great night out on the town!!


Fiddler on the Roof Stars Eat Zucchini at F Tambellini Ristorante Downtown Pittsburgh!

Singing and Dancing CLO stars Denee’ Benton, Julia Johanos, Justin Lonesome and J. Alex Noble love our Zucchini appetizer so much that they take an extra order back stage with them! Watch for these talented and friendly actors as they grace the stage of Fiddler on the Roof here at the Benedum Theater next door from July 13th, 2012 to July 22nd. Call me at 412-391-1091 to set a table for you and your friends to join us Downtown. Thank you so much, Janet. See photo at

A Chorus Line is Fabulous

Image with conductor Marvin Hamlish and the dancers of the Chorus Line Audition team.  Cassie does the dance of the Mirrors with style and grace. Shiela is 30 and sultry, Diana knock your socks off with her tremendous voice and One Singular Sensation is amazing in the accuracy of the stars! I think i saw Paul cry…great job! Will show through June 24th 2012.

Jimmy Krenn comes out of the Radio

Image and onto the Byham Theater Stage for a one night only performance at 8pm Saturday 5-26-2012! Stanley P, Kachowski told me that the show is Great… even if Jimmy does have a face for radio! Just kidding , just kidding,, geez can’t you take a JoKe! To see Jimmy for sure for yourself, I have Jimmy’s mug plastered on my Wall of Fame here at F. Tambellini’s so I can admire him daily. Ooooooo. Call me at 412-391-1091 to reserve a table or see Joe at the bar for some great appetizers like Surf N turf for under 10 bucks along with your favorite poison! Thanks, Janet

Lovely Food for Valentines Day 2012 Week

Filet and Lobster Surf n turf is excellent this week for our Valentines Day Special and Salmon with rice, brusselsprouts, and red potatoes is tender and succulent as well with our many other mouth watering selections for Valentines Day, Tuesday February 14th, 2012. Bring your Love for you can’t eat this well anywhere but F. Tambellinni’s! Call 412-391-1091 for a reservation for you!

Billy Elliot will dance right into your Heart to Elton Johns Music!

Sir Elton John wrote the score for this weeks Musical at the Benedum Theater, Billy Elliot. Based in England a young boy of 11 discovers Ballet while he is attending Boxing lessons. Needless to say his father and older brother are at first unimpressed with Billy’s change in interest. His family sticks with him when they see the fire in his heart and the drive with which he dances. This is acclaimed to be Sir Elton John’s best work. The dancing is divine! See it now through February 12, 2012 right here in Downtown Pittsburgh! Call me for your dining needs at 412-391-1091. My F. Tambellini Restaurant is on the same corner as the Benedum. Buon Appetito! Janet and Charlie

Treat your Valentine to this hilarious hit

Before “Toddlers & Tiaras” there was
Ruthless! The Musical

Louise Lerman was the star of the show. She was talented, cute and had all of the right connections. Unfortunately, she was also…in the way. Don’t miss this hilarious off-Broadway hit that Variety calls “A wonderfully smart and funny send up of every Broadway brat from ‘Gypsy’ to ‘The Bad Seed’ … loaded with campy wit and charm.” This outrageous musical mystery features such instant classics as “I Hate Musicals,” “Angel Mom” and “Born to Entertain.” You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and you’ll be on the edge of your seat from suspenseful start to truly unforgettable finish. Positively no one will be seated during the last eleven minutes!

Call me before the show, and have a great dinner! 412-391-1091

See you at the restaurant. Janet.